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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

These quotes! whoaaaa I Like it!

I Found these pictures by googling.

 Thats true, Life is good. People just take an over reactions in situations or conditions. And even me. yes, honestly. Sometimes I did.

That quote is quite true. If you just wait for a perfect moment and condition you will get nothing. Chance and opportunity  wont come twice.

A real Love is someone who love us just the way we are. Dont care about the pass, just see in front, now and the future.

If you had already in love with someone, and you both are in a  realtionship. Please dont mess it up. Or, you will feel regret at last. Dont burn the fire or you will get burnt.

Yeaaah never felt like this? I guess not. People often to feel like this. Even me. yes when we was in a childhood we wished that we were growing faster and faster, but whoaa, now we are an adult, and wishing if i could back to our childhood. right?

We just need to Love someone and to be Loved!

Sometimes men need to cry too, and it's okay!

Sometimes, people just dont know how to start it!

Always believe that HIS plan is always be the best for you.

Only real friends will tell you when your face is dirty -sicilian proverb-

come on people, spread your wings and Breakaway!

I Love to learn and improving my self.


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