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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rest in a peace :')

hey...I've been in a very upside down moment right now.  It just like there is a black hole inside my heart. It feels like something burn my heart,it hurts me a lot. last week my lovely aunt had passed away. second sister of my mother. i was really shocked. i was far. i was in Malaysia when i knew that bad news. Innalilahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun. she has gone. forever. just like my daddy. both of them left me, forever. i cant see her face again, i cant do a silly jokes with her, i cant hear her voice. i cant do holiday-ing with her anymore. Ya Allah, why did you take her so fast like this??
Few days before she's gone. She was in hospitalization. I thought she will be fine. But, the destiny said another. Allah SWT has called her back to his side.

I know. maybe this is the best way for her. after battling her illness for almost 36 years. she got ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura), is a bleeding condition in which the blood doesn't clot as it should. This is due to a low number of blood cell fragments called platelets (PLATE-lets). Idiopathic means that the causes of the condition isn't known. Thrombocytopenic  means there's a lower than normal number of platelets in the blood. Purpura refers to purple bruises caused by bleeding under the skin. It was so terrify. she got it since she was in high school. she never gave up, always tried to survive. Now, she had won againts ITP. I know.

She has no kid. Actually, she had. but her daughter has gone before her. That time her daughter was 7 months old. Now, both of them left my uncle alone. He must have been in a great grief. Not only him, but we do. We just could let her go. Pray for her, for the best place in THERE. Rest in Peace tante, I'll always pray for you and also for my Papa :) I Love you both very much!

Our Last vacation to Spore in January 2010. Instead of visiting my flat in Malaysia.

                                 Tante Evi and me, Spore city sightseeing. We were enjoy the city tour!

                                            At Raffles.

                                 At Merlion Park.
REST IN PEACE tanteku sayang. We will miss you. Love you.

 Hugs and kisses aunt. Febby.

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  1. she will always see you from another always smile teh to make her happy in there :)