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Sunday, May 9, 2010

a lil conversation means a lot :)

Heeeeeeeey, how are you my fellas?
oh, you all  are doing good. nice to hear that.

Me? mmm ya not good. not really good actually.
sometime somehow i felt that is something wrong. me? or...
i dont know maybe me or 'something arround me' yea not sure.

yesterday, i had a little conversation with my best mateee. Aldillah Melisa Febryana. We did a hard conversation. ~so often sih ya cil~ it made me realized that my problem is not as big as 'theirs'. Sometimes i felt that my problem is such a BIG thing. feel alone, cant pass it through. You were WRONG Febrinaaa!

She is one of my trustworthy people who i trust to tell and share. We like to share anything. Love, life, friendship, family, faithfulness more than~~

Suddenly our conversation, brought us to the one topic. I was surprised, when she started to talk. she talked about something that i avoided to talk to her actually. I thought that she didn't know. But it turns out that she knew more than me hahaha. We finally get involved to a long conversation. At the end of the conversation, we said "i don't believe it, really" ya but sometimes it happened, in nowadays. hmmm. hard to believe, really

Finally we changed our topic. we felt that is too much changing around us. sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. Not all changing is good. In odd moments, it can be painful. HEY YO! knp jd begini semua deh. Ngebuat gue jd ga nyaman aja. merasa ga berada di tempat dan kondisi yg tepat :(

ya tapi balik lagi, we have to follow the changes. Although we don't like it. We have to accept change.

~ Febrina

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